Entreprise Outils Concept
Entreprise Outils Concept

Outils Concept inc. is a leader in is field of activity specializing in the conception and fabrication of manual, progressive and automatic transfer tool and die as well as the execution of specific work on order according to the specific request of our customers. A die achieved by Outils Concept inc. is a unique tool with the maximum precision to reach your highest expectation and it’s this same precision that you will retrieve in each and every use. To accomplish this, the company has imposed itself the highest quality standard both into our human resources and the choice of technologies available.

Firmly established in the heart of the eastern township in the city of South Stukely since 1995, the company has seen its surface pass from 10 000sf to 16 000sf in 2008. Already planning an expansion of the company expected in 2015, an unpredicted event has speeded up the process. In order to ensure the growth of the business, the financial partner took a major business decision by doing the acquisition of a second plant with a surface area of 19 400sf located in the middle of the Granby industrial park. At the present time Outils Concept inc. it’s:

  • Two plant with the headquarter located in Granby
  • A total surface area of 35 400sf
    • Granby 19 400sf; conception activity, drawing, machining operation and administration.
    • Stukely-Sud 16 000sf; mechanical assembling, die testing, production and shipping.
  • Customer across Canada, also and mainly from the USA and Mexico.
  • Market segment like automotive, appliance , recreational vehicle and industrial business

Outils Concept inc. animated by its three owners, where each one enjoys an excellent reputation in their fields. Together, they strongly believe to hoist their company on the level of excellence in the matter of delight of their customers, to deliver a product of quality within shorter lead times. They knew to be surrounded by qualified partners and employees. All form a team determined to achieve the laid down goals. The company has up to date equipments and will continue to invest in the new equipment necessary to the satisfaction of the needs for their customers.

Our mission

OUTILS CONCEPTS INC. Proudly provide to our customers, all our knowledge and technical means to design, make, assemble and deliver in timely fashion a performent and quality tooling.

OUTILS CONCEPTS INC., with his team of supplier and employees is animated with desire to become first class supplier for his customers. We are ready to have your challenges.

Our sectors

  • Automotive
  • Household appliance
  • Electronics
  • Industrial
  • And more

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